Dysturbance is a science-fiction novel self-published by Desmond Rossignoli in June, 2014.  It was written for his “senior project”, a graduation requirement at his high school.  Physical and electronic copies are available for order on Amazon (see link below), and a free audiobook is currently being developed.


dysturbance cover

Upon witnessing a tank fall out of the sky, Nick Goldsmith should have recognized the threat immediately. But unfortunately for Nick, he could hardly recall his own name after waking up with two broken limbs and a fractured rib cage. Now, he finds himself lost in an unfamiliar, futuristic city. And although this civilization is on the brink of being torn apart by unseen forces, a majority of its population must now suffer through the gauntlet known as Crown Conquest. To make matters worse, Nick has just been selected to be one of the leaders for this four-way death-match and is now responsible for the lives of nearly 400 teenagers. If he is ever to regain the memories of his mysterious past, he must first endure some of the most emotionally-draining and physically-straining challenges of his life. Many tough decisions lie ahead, and the word ‘death’ is about to be forever re-defined.

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